Thursday, September 28, 2006

Welcome to our blog!

Happy birthday blog! Today, you turn 2 days old. Awwww.

And welcome readers! It's good to see you here in this nifty online space. I am thrilled to be a part of this blog, and promise to try really, really hard to post something from time to time. But the great thing about this blog is that all my favorite writers--the fabulous Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy authors--will be posting as well! That's so much pressure swiped away, just like that. Thanks cool writers, and I look forward to your posts and stories.

To introduce myself, I am Erin, the author of Dancing Queen and Prom Crashers (which will be in stores in February 2007...can't wait!). If you have more questions or curiosity about who I am, you're welcome to visit my website at to read more. There are some pictures and a bio and not a whole lot more than that.

So until next time I come to play in this space, please enjoy the posts of these other authors -- and I'll see you again soon.


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