Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year's Resolution for 2007

Everybody does it, disparages doing it, or complains about others doing it. The New Year's Resolution avalanche--we all know most of them will be history by February 1 (which is one reason I avoid going to the gym the first couple of weeks in January).

I'm going to do it anyway. Make a resolution, I mean, a resolution that will last all year long. It's a simple resolution, and I've kept it so far. I'm resolving to make a to-do list every night before bed, and do at least three things on the list.

It's not a lot, I'll admit. But it fits in with my desire to focus in on making my hopes and dreams (for my books, my personal health, my family, my house, my karma) come true.

I truly believe you can do anything you can dream, in some form. But I don't believe you can do it if you can't break it down into small bits. For example, I made my dream of being a published writer come true by writing a novel, getting a critique group, sending out my work, and finding an agent.

If you're raising an eyebrow and thinking, "Yeah, tell me something I don't know." Right. I have found it is one thing for me to know a fact, and another for me to allow that fact to color my behavior. For example, I know the little things matter (little things like writing on a regular schedule...and vacuuming on a daily basis...and saying thank you). But I often overlook them while stressing about the big things.

My resolution is meant to keep me focused on the little things more often. I know I won't succeed every moment. But if I can do 90 percent focus, I'll be happy.

What's your resolution?



jennifer echols said...

To read more. I'm off to a good start, because I'm judging the RITA, the top award for the Romance Writers of America. After that...GETTING TO THIRD DATE is on my TBR shelf!

K said...

You sound so chipper about the Rita...I saw the email and tried to figure out how to get ready for the books. But I do enjoy judging them. I almost always get books I haven't read before (although this year that's not so hard since I have read so little because I've been writing so much).


TinaFerraro said...

Hi Kelly,

Focussing on the little things is a terrific resolution. Because you're right, most of what we accomplish--personally and professionally--can be broken into pieces. And extra attention on those pieces means a greater whole, huh?

Otherwise, my resolutions are to get more exercise and spend less time on the phone and internet!