Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside!

You know how you know you're not a kid anymore? You hate snow! Kids love snow--they throw it, roll in it, build snowmen with it, even eat it. And most of all they hope it will keep them out of school. Not me. Those first few flakes start falling and all I can think about is how cold and wet I'll feel when I have to walk the dog.

On the other hand, snow is kind of pretty when it falls. And it does make you feel all cozy--when you're inside looking at it through the window. It makes you want to make some hot chocolate and put Joni Mitchell on the stereo. (Must be something about her being from Canada.) Besides, the dog kind of likes it--he prances instead of just walking, as the flakes fall around him. And you know what--I'm even kind of disappointed when it stops before sticking.

I guess there's a part of me that will always be a kid. . .Thank goodness!

Happy New Year all!

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