Monday, March 23, 2009

Social butterfly

That's what I've felt like lately--that is, busy in the good way. But I shall take a breather to hit you with just a few updates and also (I hope), some fun reminders:

For starters, in Bradford news, yesterday was the Biggest Teen Author Signing Ever at Books of Wonder in NYC. Not only did I get to sign copies of GoldenGirl, but I also got to meet Bradford friendlies Sharon Anne, and Khyrinthia! I am pleased to report that both are every bit as awesome in person as online.

You may recall that Sharon Anne was our grand prize winner from the Bradford Blog Bash! Here's a pic of her humbly accepting her prize package (above). (Please to disregard my slouching! I can hear my mother in my ear with the: "stand up straight!" And she would be correct. But oh, well.)

Other things Bradford: Spencer's birthday contest continues! Today, she announced on her blog that she'll be giving away as her present to YOU a signed copy of The Season by authoress extraordinaire Sarah MacLean. Rumor has it that Sarah will even be doing a short Q&A with Spencer on Wednesday in honor of the close of the contest. Swing by Spencer's blog between now and midnight Wednesday and post your own six word memoir, and you'll be entered for a chance to win the book. (And believe you me, it's a good book. Worth the pain of the creative process.)

Social butterfly, busy bee...however you want to slice it, I'm tired! But I wouldn't have it any other way...

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