Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hotel Wi-Fi is as Flaky as I Feel!

One of the things I both fear and dread is summer travel. For various reasons, we have done very little this actual summer (did quite a bit in the spring). Seeing family is fun, but stressful, and going South means hot weather. I'm a little melt-y in hot weather, given that I've lived in Maine for 21 years (!?!). We knew we'd have to take at least one trip (part business for DH and part family), and we'd planned it in our minds for mid-August.

One week ago yesterday, DH told me our timetable had changed and we'd be going to Ohio...on Saturday. And then on to Delaware. So I frantically tried to catch up on everything I had to do (and the four unexpected things that dropped into my lap last week...sheesh!). I almost succeeded. I was pretty pleased. Everything I had left to do could be done in a hotel room with Wi-Fi. Or so I thought (cue ominous music).

What I can do: write; listen to my i-Pod; exercise in the fitness room; swim in the pool; check e-mail sporadically; send e-mail -- if there are no attachments (hence no pictures of Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls -- gorgeous!). Now, some of the work I needed to do requires me to send files, so this is actually a big problem. I've attempted sending the e-mail with files at various times of the day (and night). No luck.

All I can say is thank goodness for Starbucks. I know there is one in Delaware with nice, reliable Wi-Fi. I should be able to send out my files on Friday.

I'm trying to take lessons from the annoying obstacles in my life. From this one, I'm taking the lesson that I should enjoy the pool and fitness room when I can, and forgive the hotel its flaky Wi-Fi. After all, life is short, and there is a maid to clean my room!

P.S. I have updated my website after a long hiatus (ds1, aka my webmaster, was busy, but he finally figured out how to take my high maintenance DreamWeaver site and turn it into a low-maintenance Wordpress site). No fancy bells and whistles yet, but one day soon (when I am back with my lovely high speed internet access at home).

(going to stretch out, turn on my i-Pod and write guilt free for the rest of the no-housework day)

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