Tuesday, August 03, 2010

When you were a teen, did you love or hate going back to school?

Hated it with a passion! I still get butterflies in my stomach when I walk through Target and discover that back to school supplies have replaced summer beach towels, and sunscreen. It wasn't that I struggled in school. I had plenty of friends and except for math and P.E. I did okay in class. I just didn't like school -- for a number of reasons. Summer was paradise mostly because of the freedom that came with it. Free to read books all day long, free to hang out at the beach, free to sleep in, free to watch the Price Is Right, free to do whatever the heck I wanted. No, I wasn't dying to return to tests, speeches, detention and stinky locker rooms. Furthermore, I'm a night owl. The summer nights of staying up late and then sleeping in were absolute heaven. I used to fantasize about throwing my alarm clock off a cliff. High school just seemed like this really slippery stepping stone I had to maneuver my way over before I could get to a much better place, college.

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KathleneC said...

I would love going back to school im only in grade7 in the fall a grade 8 student but i loved going back to school i see my friends and i have something to do even if it can get a little stress full but i loved school i try out for everteam even though i know i wont make the team :) summer for me and my friends these day are boring and we wish we were in school