Sunday, March 04, 2007

California Dreamin'

This is where I was last night. I could have been slipping on ice after a snow/sleet storm. But I wasn't. I was on Mission Beach, with the dh. And we got to see this.
Sometimes other people are handy, you know. My dh was interested in seeing a sunset in the West. Me? I just like the beach and didn't know what he was yadda-yadda-ing about.
Now I know.
I'm so lucky he wanted to see this sunset, because now I got to see it (and I have the pictures to prove it, thanks to him, too :-)
These are the kind of moments that make it into our books, when we're authors, too, not just our memories. You know the moments I mean: the ones that sneak up on you, the ones you weren't expecting, the ones you'll never forget.
Oh well. On to San Juan Capistrano and then to L.A., San Francisco and back here, to San Diego. Three weeks of fun, work, surprises.
We've already planned to spend another evening at the beach, watching the sun set.
What's your best 'surprise' memory?

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Micol Ostow said...

Meeting my BF, for sure. We met online and put our first date off for a year. We had NO idea after that date that we'd end up together (seriously, it was a miserable, rainy night and both of us came very close to bailing at the last minute). Funny to look back on all that now.