Sunday, September 09, 2007

Greetings and Salutations!

Hi. My name is P.J. Ruditis and I’m a write-aholic. I’d like to thank Jenn for bringing this community together. I am thrilled to join this group in anticipation of the release of my Ro Com, LOVE, HOLLYWOOD STYLE (Premiering in January 2008). It’s the story of a movie studio tour guide who thinks she’s found the perfect formula for romance, but quickly realizes that true love doesn’t always follow a script.

Since I’m introducing myself, I might as well explain how I got here. I started out working in licensed publishing for a major motion picture and TV studio that shall remain nameless (because I feel that discretion is of paramount importance). This was when I first had the chance to work with the amazing editors at Simon & Schuster from the other side of the book process. It was my job to oversee the development of movie novelizations as well as the book series for TV shows like Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. And, really, who can ask for a better job than one that combines books with television?! But no matter how fun it was, it was still a job. Several years ago, I decided to leave the corporate drudgery to pursue my passion for writing and those same editors at S&S—to whom I will always be indebted—were the first to hire me.

I should also mention that, while I did oversee the Sabrina, The Teenage Witch book line—and the spin off, Salem’s Tails—I was introduced to the work of some really great authors, including a few that are part of this very blog. (Yes, Ms. Krulik, I’m talking about you. And you too ... um ... Ms. Goode.) And, of course, I had the opportunity to get to know some wonderful editors who became equally wonderful authors and amazingly wonderful friends (Hi, Micol!). So, around here, I may be the new kid on the block (Dance Break! Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh ... the right stuff) but I feel like I’m already familiar with the neighborhood.

But enough about me (and washed up eighties boy bands). Since so much of my past work has been related to television, let’s talk some more about that fun subject. (Because what better place to talk about TV than in a blog devoted to books!) With the fall TV season almost upon us—and we’ve sadly lost the likes of the Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars from our season passes (not that I have TiVo, but I like to pretend I’m current)—what new shows are you all most looking forward to use as an excuse for a work or homework break?

For me, the top of the list has to be Chuck. Not because the show was created by Josh Schwartz, the man who taught us the way they do things in The O.C. And not because it has a great premise and a talented leading man. No. I’m into this one because the lead character works at a place that is an unabashed homage to a huge electronics chain store, which they’re calling ... wait for it ... Buy More! Is that not the most perfect name for a store ... ever?

So, how about all of you? What shows are you anxiously awaiting?


Jennifer Echols said...

because I feel that discretion is of paramount importance

*cough cough*

I'm planning to check out The Big Bang Theory and Private Practice--not that I've ever watched Gray's Anatomy, but I love to get in on the very first episode of a show. If I miss the first one, it's harder for me to get excited. Of course, I went way out of my way to watch the premiere of Studio 60 and never went back, I was so disappointed. But I've got to do something. For the past few months I've been watching nothing but What Not to Wear, Mythbusters, and Dirty Jobs!

Kelly McClymer said...

Pushing Daisies ... and Chuck ... and Bionic Woman (even though I'm hearing disappointing rumblings, I just can't resist -- I hope the naysayers are wrong).

Welcome to the blog!


Nancy K said...

Welcome to the fold! So glad to hear you're writing rocoms.

Thanks for the magical Sabrina memories!


Wendy Toliver said...

Hi P.J, and welcome to the group! I'm pretty new myself, my first RoCom coming out right before yours. Which sounds fabulous, BTW.

I can't wait for Desperate Housewives, but to be honest, I seldom get to watch TV. Also eager for Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy.

Micol Ostow said...

Very enthusiastic about seeing you here.

For me, I'm all over "The Hills." Love to hate that Spencer!