Friday, November 23, 2007

I Feel Like Such a Turkey!

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. . .I do not cook. I call in, heat up in the microwave, or open a bag of salad. But I do not cook. In fact, when the kids were little, every time the doorbell rang, they would scream "Pizza's here!" (Now they shout Sushi's here, but that's another story.) So you can imagine my chagrine when my husband and I got assigned the turkey for his family's annual Thanksgiving dinner. We were not given a choice, which I think was both cruel and brave on his parents' part. Still, I got a recipe (hey, I passed chemistry, I just had to think of the ingredients like different chemicals, right?), called the turkey hot line to see how long to cook a 21 pound bird, and got to work.Five hours after putting the turkey in the oven, I pulled it out. It was golden brown. Gorgeous! I shlepped the bird to my sister-in-law's apartment, and proudly placed it on the table. But instead of oohs and aahs, my mother-in-law frowned and said, "You cooked it upside down!"

I didn't know you could do that. . .

Anyway, after I got over the desire to get out of there and never come back, I suggested they carve and taste the turkey before they criticized. And wonder of wonders, it was good. Really good in fact. And so ws the gravy. Cool, right? I cooked something and it was delicious!

I just hope this doesn't mean I have to do it again next year.

Happy Holiday Season!


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Jennifer Echols said...

Congratulations, Nancy! Live and learn.

I actually held the annual Christmas dinner for 45 relatives for the first time last year, and I *still* got out of cooking the turkey. I made my sister-in-law do it. I think it's important to get into these domestic things slowly.