Sunday, March 09, 2008

Warm Weather, Where Are You?

I'm very tired of this:

Very. Tired.

I just put my older son on a plane to L.A. this morning. I was sorely tempted to sneak myself into his luggage. I want warm. I want to be able to walk on the sidewalk in my sneakers without fear of ice patches taking me down or snow piles blocking my path.

The most unfair thing of all -- son will be doing a one week internship basking in the glow of a computer monitor (think space camp, but substitute video games) and will not go out of his way to go outside and soak up the sun.

I really should have tucked myself into his suitcase. He probably won't even use those clean clothes anyway.

Ah well. Sometime soon I'll head out to L.A. for my own purposes (with a ticket, not tucked into a suitcase, which should be slightly more comfortable).

For now....I'm just glad we have a woodstove, and a pickaxe to chip the wood from the frozen ground.

Sigh. I think this is why my newest work in progress is set in LA. -- I'll take warm weather any way I can get it -- even fictionally.

I envy those of you seeing crocuses and tulips already. Will be at least a month or two for us.



Gela said...

It was 80 degrees today. My car = hot. Church = hot. And I wore sandals and a t-shirt.

I'm very sorry that it's still icy where you live. Cold in March seems like such an unfathomable concept here.

Kelly McClymer said...


You know my theoretical dislike for you and your inability to fathom cold in March is sent with great love, right?

It is simply a function of my very fathomable envy of wherever you live that it is not cold in March. Where I live we have winter until about the beginning of April. And then we have something called 'mud season' -- where the snow melts and the temperature goes up enough to make ground soup. Better than snow and cold -- unless you happen to inadvertently drive onto the mud soup and lose your car.

Enjoy your warm weather, even though you now know I am incredibly miserably jealous of you :-)


Gela said...

its ok, because once its April, the temp starts to skyrocket into the high 90s, low 100s. And by the end of April, were already so sick of the heat waves that we want it to be fall already. Be grateful you have seasons. We have fake weathers where it is flooding one day and 75 degrees the next day. Not even joking, our weather is menopausal.

TJ Brown said...

I spent all weekend working in the yard getting ready for spring. Be happy you have a while for yard work yet...

Meredith said...

Gosh, I wish it were a little cooler here. Working as a crossing guard in Arizona-not so fun. It was getting warm in February! Ugh. I am soooo not looking forward to May and the end of the school year, it will definitely be at least 100 degrees or more. Not good.
A great idea/dream of mine is to be cuddled up on a big comfortable chair with a snuggly blanket wrapped around me, with hot chocolate in a mug on the table next to me, while reading a wonderful book! Good luck getting warm!

Kelly McClymer said...

Okay. So you guys convinced me I have better things to complain about. Besides, I've gotten used to thinking of 'warm' as 50 degrees -- at which point I'm wearing a sweater or sweatshirt.

Meredith -- we live about a quarter mile from our schools (elementary at bottom of a hill and middle-high schools connected by public library at top of hill -- small town, much?). I do not envy the crossing guards. We had one elderly gentleman who was a fixture, until he got very ill recently. No matter what the weather, he'd be out there in his hat, coat, boots and gloves, directing us where to go. I really appreciated his dedication during the two months of winter a few years ago where the temperature *never* got into the double digits. Ever. And that's not counting wind chill. All so our kids can safely cross the streets. You guys rock.