Monday, June 02, 2008

Sweet or Sour Sixteen?

I'm so excited that my new book, Party Games, hits shelves tomorrow! This is my first YA novel and I have absolutely loved writing for teens. Since much of Party Games involves a big sweet sixteen bash a lot of people have been asking me what I was up to on my sixteenth birthday. Truth be told, I wouldn't say it was the sweetest sixteen. I was grounded. Honestly, I can't remember what landed me in parental prison. It could've been a number of things. If my sister or brother were ever grounded in their entire lives I never heard about it and they both celebrated raging sweet sixteen bashes. I can still remember my brother beaming over his new truck with ten thousand friends surrounding him and his girlfriend in the passenger seat. And my sister had the full theme party -- she came in red and all her guests had to wear white or black. Me, I was allowed a few visitors -- my grandparents and best friend, Amirah. From cell walls, I was afforded the luxury of my favorite ice cream cake and birthday meal, beans and kielbasa. I vividly remember taking my driver's test that day, and passing with a perfect score. Can't say the same for my sister or brother ;). I guess it wasn't such a sour day when all is said and done. What was everyone else up to on their sweet sixteenth? Was it sweet or sour?


Jennifer Echols said...

Maybe you were living that moment over again when you wrote the book! I think a lot of great writing gets generated that way. :) Congratulations on your book and happy release day!!!

On my 16th, after school my friend Julie threw me a surprise party! My boyfriend came over with a dozen balloons tied to the back of his motorcycle (he had driven very slowly). Then there was a high school football game and I was drum major of the marching band. There was nothing I had rather do. It was a really good day.

Kelly McClymer said...

Sweet sixteen wasn't a super big deal when I did it. I didn't have a mom wanted me too, but I just wasn't a party kind of girl by that age. My daughter had a sleepover with six of her best friends. Neither of my sons were interested.

Oddly, though I wasn't into the big deal birthday party for myself, I am addicted to the MTV show about over the top Sweet Sixteen birthday bashes (more in horror at the excess and entitlement...but there's a little bit of 'what if?' going on there. Maybe I'll throw myself a Fantastic Fifty party? ...Nah. Too much planning and clean up.


I love the show too! And ditto on the horror and entitlement.