Monday, July 21, 2008

FACE-ing a New Addiction

My name is Nancy K. and I am a Facebook-aholic.

There.  I've said it.  I'm an addict.   I never thought I'd be trolling around Facebook land to begin with.  After all, I'm a grown up.  That's a place my kids hang out.  But when my friend Gina invited me to create a page for myself (does that make Gina my Facebook pusher?) I just had to give it a whirl.  

At first I just showed a few book covers, and answered a few profile queries.  But the next thing I knew, I was getting request to be Facebook friends with a lot of my real life friends.  It seems they'd all been in Facebook land for a while. And soon we were all writing on each other's walls with glee.

That of course led to the Bumper stickers, the sending of cyber plants in the hopes of saving rain forests,  the pokes, the super pokes, and the never-ending status changes.

And then came the moment I knew I was addicted.  I created a Dogbook page for my dog Pepper Burwasser.   And he already has friends believe it or not!

I haven't had the guts to request that my kids accept me has a friend.  I'm not sure who that would be weirder for, me or them.  But I am trying to up my number of on-line pals  (hint. . .hint).

The addiction to Facebook is strong.  I sometimes catch myself checking my page on my Blackberry in the gym locker room or while waiting for a take out order at the deli.  It's not as good as a full fix on a nice sized screen, but it tides me over for a while.

But only a little while.  I just noticed an e-mail popping up on my laptop.  Apparently someone has sent me a message on Facebook.

Gotta go!




Jennifer Echols said...

I just added you as a friend! I still haven't quite figured Facebook out, though. People keep asking me to be a vampire and stuff. I'm more of a MySpace addict, because that's where my blog is.

Nancy K said...

Jennifer, thanks for adding me as you friend. I know what you mean about MySpace. I'd just about figured that one out when Facebook came into my life. People say it's easier to manipulate than MySpace. I'm working on it. Too much I think!

JamiePonti said...

I too have found myself to be addicted. The amazing thing is that so many of my high school friends have also joined up in the last month or so. Many of us have reconnected and it is so much fun.

Micol Ostow said...

I hear you--Liz keeps trying to convert me over to Twitter, but for now, I resist. Too...Much...Internet...

P.J. Ruditis said...

I have this irrational fear of all those sites. Like if I join one, it's going to steal my soul or something ... which is why I'm not on Facebook or Myspace or any of them even though everyone tells me I really, really, really, really should be.

Reading what you all have to say about their addictiveness, I'm beginning to think the fear isn't that irrational.

Aimee Friedman said...

The amount of time I waste on Facebook is staggering. If I added up all my Facebook-ing hours, I'd probably be able to write like 2 more books in that time. It is indeed frightening.
But oh so fun!

Kelly McClymer said...

I've done MySpace, but not FaceBook...yet. My daughter thinks I should. She friended me on MySpace, so I assume she'd friend me on FaceBook...I hope!