Thursday, September 10, 2009

"What do you love about your Simon Pulse Ro-Com covers?"

Like Whitney, I’ve felt so gratified that Amy included my characters’ signature jewelry on my covers. First there was Virginia’s diamond nose stud on the cover of Major Crush. This was my first book, and my editor made it feel even more special by calling me and giggling to say she had a surprise for me--look really closely at the cover! I mean, really, really closely! You'll have to go squint at a copy, because it's so small that I can't make it show up on the computer.

On the cover, Drew and Virginia are doing the dance move for their drum major salute that they are forced into and that causes them so much trouble. Oooh, check out how he’s looking at her! Imho this cover could not be more perfect.

As Analyn pointed out in the comments on Whitney’s post, Amy also included Adam’s skull-and-crossbones necklace on the cover of The Boys Next Door so you can tell him apart from Sean, since they look alike (which causes Lori all sorts of trouble). The inclusion of a little detail like this made me feel that my editor loved Adam as much as I did. Plus, the lake looks exactly like the lake where I grew up, and Lori looks as un-self-consciously pretty as I’d pictured her in my head (and less windblown, and cleaner). Imho this cover could not be more perfect.

Now, if the cover of The Ex Games were to follow this pattern, Hayden would be showing her lucky four-leaf-clover earring. However, I respect the decision not to put this on the cover. Nothing says “hilarious teen romance novel” like a HUGE EAR! LOOK AT MY EAR! Instead, it was Editor Mike’s idea to have Hayden and Nick standing back-to-back before their snowboarding competition against each other. Nick is so handsome--I expect him to flick his hair out of his eyes with his pinkie any second--and Hayden’s outfit is as cute as anything sold by Roxy. They look excited and happy, and thrilled to be on the slopes together. Imho this cover could not be more perfect.


Kelly McClymer said...

I like the colors in all of them. And the way all the people look like people I would like to know. I believe I could pick an Amy Saidens' cover out of a cover line up, if my country needed me to!


Serina said...

The diamond stud! I didn't see it until much later, like wayy after I finished the book. Drew is definitely a hottie; I like to think of his look as "smoldering." :)

Can't wait for The Ex Games! I raided B&N the other day but they didn't have it. :( I requested them to order it and a few others in the series, so *crosses fingers* ^_^

PS--I kinda squeed, just a bit, that I'm in this! =P

Lexiii said...

I love how there's always that one line that catches my attention. Like "Sometimes love can be stranger than fiction." or "She never believed love could be written." or "Love is always in the cards."

Anonymous said...

I love the story magor crush. Especially the nose stud! It reminds me a lot of my experiences this past football season. There should be more stories about marching band. There are lots of girls who are in this activity and love it.

Jennifer Echols said...

Anonymous, THANK YOU. I agree completely. :)