Friday, September 18, 2009

what I love about my Simon Pulse Ro-Com covers

If you're a fan of the Simon Pulse Ro-Coms, you've undoubtedly noticed the cute covers. Artist Amy Saidens and the Simon Pulse team put a lot of thought into the artwork, capturing the essence of each individual book.

I absolutely love the cover of The Secret Life of A Teenage Siren, my first Ro-Com. First of all, it's purple. Second of all, Amy truly captured the appearance of the main character, Roxy Zimmerman, from her bright green siren eyes to her luxurious, long, reddish hair. It also gives a hint of what the story is about, with the flute and the hot guys in the background, drooling over Roxy. I've had so many compliments from teens and adults about this cover, and I'll always have a special place in my heart for it because it was my first YA novel ever.My second Ro-Com, Miss Match, also has a great cover. Sasha Finnegan is not a fashionista, nor is she super skinny or drop-dead gorgeous. In other words, she's an everyday girl who happens to get herself into some pretty crazy situations. Now, as you can probably tell from the title, she's a matchmaker and she loves getting teens together with their crushes. I think all of these elements are captured nicely in the cover, from her appearance to her talent and love of making matches.

What are some of your favorite Simon Pulse Ro-Com covers?

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Serina said...

I like how Sasha represents a majority of girls: not perfect-looking or stick-thin (I know that I, myself, can totally relate to her body image issues). Yet she is still beautiful in her own way, and the cover seems to portray a perfect balance of those.

Whenever I can get some of my works published someday, I hope to get Amy Saidens, or someone like her, to do my cover! She seems like she's got a flawless knack for capturing any book's essence. All the covers in the series are great:)