Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is there any romance in blogging?

Apparently there is--right here in fact. So glad to be able to talk to everyone. Can't wait to hear what you all think about Ripped at the Seams, She's Got the Beat, or any other books I've written. I'd soooo love to hear about anything you've got to say actually. Thanks Jenn for setting up the blog I'm so happy to have such a fun way to procrastinate while I should be working on books! :)

Hey if any of you are going to be in NYC on October 15, come on down to the Great Read in Bryant Park. I'll be at the Target concert stage, and signing there as well. I don't have the schedule yet, but will let you know. Would love to meet ya!



Kelly McClymer said...

I really liked both SEAMS and BEAT. I learned a little about the fashion industry from one and about drumming from the other (the drum thing came in handy when my youngest started a band this my garage!


Nancy K said...

Hi Kelly,

So glad you liked Seams and Beat. THey were a blast to write. A lot funnier than the more serious books I've done for Simon Pulse. (Of course nothing I write is completely serious--a book without a sense of humor can be such a drag!)


Micol Ostow said...

Nancy pants--post pics from Central Park today, if you can!