Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Interview about getting to GETTING TO THIRD DATE

Some Chatty Stuff About Me

I've been fortunate to participate in a few interviews here and there.

Today, Little Willow has one at her site

Last month, Veronika at Veronika Asks also interviewed me on her fabulous site

I neglected to put the link out there (bad me...I tend to be shy about publicizing good things about me, but I just realized, this is really posting good things about these booklovers, Little Willow and Veronika!).

I'm going to link to these interviews on my website in the (relatively) near future, but my webmaster has been studying for a physics test all week, has a calculus exam coming up, and is taking three computer programming classes that require using the computer for schoolwork rather than frivolously updating his mother's website :-)

Don't forget to check out their awesome sites after you read about me.



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