Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Slightly Clueless New Kid on the Block

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be amongst such a great group of authors. I haven't read every book in the series, but I've read many, and have enjoyed all of them. Many firsts for me -- my first time blogging here, and I also just completed my first YA novel, Party Games. It doesn't come out until next summer. However, the way time is flying these days June seems dangerously close.
Bear with me here people, because for as long as I can remember I have been pretty clueless when it comes to anything computer, or basically anything high tech. Right about now Jennifer Echols probably wants to kick me out of the group. Thanks for all your patience in getting me started here, Jenn. If it's any consolation, I'm sure my high school computer teacher Mrs. Mullins and my website guy can commiserate with you. I am currently unaware if this blog is going to wind up on my website or the Simon Pulse blogspot. We'll soon find out...
Also, get used to my typos. One would think, after publishing four novels and a novella that everything I write is stain free. However, last night I received an alarming phone call from my brother, Chip, who was thrilled to inform me that I had misspelled my own address on the 75+ Christmas cards that I sent to all my family and friends. And I don't mean the return address label. I mean, we just moved and I wanted everyone I've ever known to have my current address. So I did the Christmas and "we've moved!" card combo. I put the address beneath our holiday greeting and family photo. Being a native San Diegan, I know that my home town for my entire life on earth is not spelled San Deigo. It was an honest mistake, and one that I should've picked up when I proofread it twice on Shutterfly. My brother called me three times today to ask if I knew how to spell how my husband's name, my daughter's name, and to basically torture me with embarrassment. Some things never change with little brothers.
Looking forward to many more blogs and to lots of great reading!


Jennifer Echols said...

OMG I think we have the same brother!!!

Did the title of your book change from Party Favor to Party Games? I'm always interested in title changes and why they happen. The original title (MY title) for Major Crush was Queen Geek, but there was another book with that title coming out at around the same time. Simon Pulse came up with Major Crush and I've always liked it a lot better.


Simon Pulse suggested Party Favor. It wasn't until weeks later when I learned that "party favor" is actually a slang term for drugs and sexual stuff at parties. I requested to change the title and Party Games was the alternative. Simon Pulse is very good with titles.

Wendy Toliver said...

Welcome to the RoCom family, Whitney! I'm fairly new here too, with my first RoCom coming out in ... 13 days! YAY!

LOL about the typo, but it happens to us all.

P.J. Ruditis said...

Welcome to the blog, Whitney.

And like Wendy said, you're not alone on the dreaded typos. It's one of the many, many reasons we have editors. (If only we could get them to edit us here too. I know I would sound SO MUCH more intelligent.)


Thanks Wendy and P.J! At least we can laugh at our mistakes, right?
I look forward to reading your books!