Friday, January 11, 2008

Buried under End of Year Avalanche

I am not a horrible person, but I always seem to play one at the end of every year. Then January comes and I slooooowly dig out and start hoping to catch up 'this year.'

Every year I make a resolution that next year will be different. So far, no go. This year may have been the worst end of year. Ever. At the beginning of December I was in balmy L.A. (see lovely pic, taken during my last week). And then I came back to a foot of snow and bitter cold (I was going to post a pic, but I can't bear to). And then it snowed again. And then I slipped in my driveway (note to self: never wear high heeled boots on ice) and twisted my ankle and knee. And then I curled up in a ball and whimpered for a few weeks. And then I had to get in a car and drive fifteen hours a day for four days to go to VA and back. My mom and her twin sister turned 70. 70 guests. Lots of talking. A certain amount of feeling human again. A slight respite from the snow. The thaw still too me...ummm...11 more days. It is January 11th, right?

So, uncurling at last, I am slowly digging out of the work I still have to do (why does the work not go away when I curl up? Why? Would it help if I sang a few bars of "Work Work Go Away"? No? Didn't think so). So it helps that I've turned in my book revisions, caught up on my teaching, starting preparing for an advanced workshop in tutoring I'll be going to a week from Saturday (barring major snow/ice storms), and made my first To Do list of the year. One of the top ten items was to blog here this month.

Top item on my New Year's Resolutions: Last two weeks of the year are for enjoying the change of season -- no book deadlines, family crises, or twisted knees allowed. Think it will happen this last? I do. Because I'm going to make it happen, or put my back out trying.

I hope everyone else's year ending went more smoothly than mine! ...and that next year's does too.

(instead of GETTING TO THIRD DATE, I'm looking forward to GETTING TO CHRISTMAS WITHOUT GETTING BURIED...would that be an awful book title...but a wonderful goal...sigh...wish me luck).


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

Jennifer Echols said...

Oh, Kelly, I am so sorry! I empathize with the leg injury. I hope that's getting better. And I do hope you can stick to this resolution. Maybe, as you plan for the year, you could stop your calendar in mid-December and pretend those last two weeks aren't even there.

Anonymous said...

I have this goal EVERY DAY!! Alas, I don't do any better than you do with accomplishing it. LOL

Kelly McClymer said...


That is the best idea ever. I just ripped out those pages. Gone. Buh bye.

I feel free!


Nicole Burnham said...

Hope those last two weeks went well, Kelly! I always flail in December...I make my writing goal REALLY small that month, just so I feel accomplished :)