Sunday, January 06, 2008

What to Watch for in 2008

On Christmas Day I got the happy news from a friend of my in-laws at brunch that I am featured in San Diego Magazine as one of fifty people of the year to watch in 2008. Every January the magazine does its "50 People to Watch" issue and they don't announce who's in the mag until it actually hits stands. I'm going to name drop which always makes me feel yucky, but just to give all a sense of what it's like. Norv Turner (head coach of the Chargers), Trevor Hoffman (pitcher for the Padres), and Heather Myers (anchor for national Fox News) are just a few of the cool folks I'm featured with. There are all kinds of musicians, politicians, and wonderful humanitarians to watch. The news came as a nice Christmas gift and an inspiring way to start the new year.
The following morning, my parents' neighbor very politely asked me what exactly she was supposed to be watching for. Just little things, I told her. A six figure advance and an interview with Oprah. Nothing major.
No seriously, it really got me thinking. And the first thing I thought of were alarming images of me walking into the workshop I'm leading at the Southern California Writers' Conference in February with a piece of toilet paper as long as an Olympic sized pool trailing from my shoe. Or something much worse.
Or maybe I should've said watch as I break all three of my new year's resolutions by noon on January 2nd. Because thats' exactly what happenend. I don't even remember what all of them were but I know I had three. I'm just not cut out for diets. I'm learning new things about myself all the time.
One thing the magazine did get right, and it's a guarantee to watch for in 2008 is the June release of my latest romantic comedy, Party Games. I can't wait!
Hope everyone is having a wonderul start to 2008.


P.J. Ruditis said...

Congratulations Whitney. That is quite the honor.

Now, as for this watching thing, I'm guessing it would be easiest if we all took shifts to watch her over the year instead of working individually. I've got these cool night vision binoculars, so I can take some night shifts.

Who's with me?



Congratulations to you too, P.J. Doesn't your book come out this week? Very cool.
I'm clamping my curtains shut. ;)

P.J. Ruditis said...

Thanks! I just came here to post about my book release.

Curtains, huh? I knew I should have bought that officially licensed Veronica Mars Infrared Camera when I had the chance. Oh well.