Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We've got the scoop!

Look for these new Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies this year! ♥

***COMING IN MARCH 2008***

Something Borrowed
By Catherine Hapka

She’s ready to catch the bouquet, not steal the guy!

When Ava gets dumped by her boyfriend, she’s pretty upset. He wasn’t the love of her life of anything, but with her sister’s wedding—a.k.a. the social event of the season—just two weeks away, Ava’s got to save face by finding someone cute and fun to bring as her date.

With the clock ticking and no dates in sight, Ava asks her best friend if she can “borrow” her boyfriend, Jason, for the night. Ava’s never been a big Jason fan, but he’ll look great in a tux and at least she’ll have someone to dance with. But it doesn’t take long for Ava to realize she’s got him all wrong…

What do you do when Mr. Right is wrapped up in a package that belongs to your best friend?

***COMING IN JUNE 2008***

Party Games
By Whitney Lyles

Sara Sullivan has to create a fabulous sweet sixteen bash for spoiled socialite Dakota Lane. As if dealing with a diva isn't enough, Dakota demands that Sara find her a date for the party-with the very guy Sara has fallen for! Is the party over for Sara, in more ways than one?


Puppy Love
By Nancy Krulik

New York City dog walker Alana Marks can't help but complain to her new friend Connor about her clients' pampered pooches... and she can't help but fall for Connor. What she doesn't realize is that she's barking up the wrong tree-he's the son of her newest client.

***COMING IN 2008***

The Twelve Dates of Christmas
By Catherine Hapka

Lexi's best friend has this theory that, once a couple has gone out a dozen times, their relationship is pretty much set. If this is true, then how is Lexi going to rekindle her relationship with her ex, Cam, seeing that Cam's twelfth date with a new girl is approaching? Lexi has just one Christmas wish-her boyfriend back!


Little Willow said...

Best wishes to all of the new folks and new books!

Anonymous said...

oh, these look great. i can't wait to read them all!

Kelly McClymer said...

Love the covers, as always. Can't wait to see these on the shelves.


Mg (LWS) said...

i love these books!!!! when i get a new one i read it right away because they r soo good!!!

Anonymous said...

omg cant wait for these to come out! ....they need to hurry up already and get pulished! and yes, the covers are so aborable. ahh! dont leave me waiting =] lol

Anonymous said...

Something Borrowed is so good!