Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fear of Blogging

I am supposed to blog once a month.  That's what I agreed to, and that's what I do.  The problem is, what do I do when there's nothing special to write.?  I mean, my life is pretty much that of any other working writer who happens to be a mom.  I get up, I swim, I write, I go to a baseball game or a stage performance, I come home, eat dinner, help with homework and crash out.  (How come writers on TV or in the movies always seem like such interesting people--either brooding, dark drinkers, or gloriously happy gazillionaires?)  

Which is not to say that I'm not happy with my life.  I mean, let's face it. I've got it pretty good!   I have a very flexible schedule, I work with some incredibly talented people on three different series simultaneously, and I get fan mail from kids of all ages. I also have great kids and a very supportive husband who's awfully cute.  How many people do you know who can say that?  And this month, I actually do have a lot to say career-wise:  The next six weeks will bring three new Nancy Krulik books hitting the shelves (one of which is already there):  Katie Kazoo Switcheroo: Free the Worms,  Katie Kazoo Switcheroo: Major League Mess-up  and the first collection of How I Survived Middle School books  (1-3)!  Now that's something to celebrate.

So how come whenever it's my turn to blog I get this cold, stone feeling in my throat?  I guess it's because I'm much better at writing about other people's lives.  Self-promotion has never been my thing.  I've never been the kind to toot my own horn.  But, as we all know, as writers we have to be able to push the product.  Because while publishers have great marketing departments who get the word out, no one knows (or adores)  our books the way we do.

So I'm working on it.  And maybe next month I won't wait until the end of the second paragraph to let everyone know what's going on with my career.  

Til then,


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