Monday, December 08, 2008

Grinch or Griswold?

My husband and I have always avoided decorating for Christmas, except for a basic tree. Last year our son had grown old enough to complain. We promised him we would decorate next year, hoping he would forget. Guess what? Now it is next year, and my son forgets NOTHING.

Also, I'm having Christmas lunch for forty relatives. When I held this gathering two years ago, my only decorations were the ones my mother brought me from her house because she thought I was pitiful.

So this year we have broken down and decorated. A few fabulous samples:

The den. We actually bought the faux-grapevine reindeer four years ago when we were trying to sell our house in Atlanta and move back to Birmingham. The realtor could not believe we hadn't decorated for the holidays! Didn't we want to impress potential buyers? We were resentful when we shelled out forty bucks for reindeer and the house didn't sell until February.

The living room. This is precariously balanced.

The dining room. I am not sure about this. I picture my relatives at lunch craning their necks to talk to each other around the strange hanging balls. Also, the lowest one may drag through the sweet potatoes.

The kitchen. I am not sure about this either. In terms of festivity level, I think this may surpass "Season's Greetings" and veer toward "roller skating rink."

Do you celebrate a holiday during December? When it comes to decorating, are you a Grinch or a Griswold?

BTW: Remember my blog post two years ago entitled Seven uses for an exercise ball during the holidays? While unpacking Christmas decorations, I came across said exercise ball. I thought you might like to see what has happened to it and exactly how much use it has been getting.


Alea said...

Kids forget nothing! Worst people to make promises too ;) I know I was like that!

Debbie Rigaud said...

Love it when kids inspire adults to get festive. Looks like you went from 0 to 60! :-)
Nice mantle decorations. As for my holiday decor style--aside from the tree, I just put white lights on my mantle. Simple but Christmas-y.

Victoria Dahl said...

Oh, my. This whole post makes me very sad for you. Pardon me while I go plug in our giant inflatable Santa carousel on the front lawn.

Kelly McClymer said...


I must thank you for giving me my topic for this month -- I had nothing, having been drained dry by my NaNo work last month. Of course, to do it justice, I then had to go out and take pictures (I took lots -- and then I gave the camera to dh, who got some good ones...lights are hard to capture).

Your house looks darling and festive. Inside, really, less is more. If your son wants more, take him to some of those wonderful 75% off sales for the winter houses and landscapes -- we have so much fun picking out our object of the year (we have a pharmacy with my maiden grandfather was a pharmacist...a library, a ... oh, I can't remember. We have too many. But we'll get one this year, anyway (I have my eye on a scrivener).


Nicole Burnham said...

Okay, I'd be resentful over the reindeer, too. But they're mighty spiffy :)