Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Your Half-Year's Resolution

I usually give myself two fresh starts a year—one on New Year’s Day and the other on my birthday. I was born in March, the month when most people (especially moi) are loosening their grip on their New Year’s resolutions. So by the time March 19th rolls around, I quietly rededicate myself to those personal promises I made back in January. But in 2009, I’m giving myself a third opportunity to stay on course.

July 1st marked the start of the year’s second half. Sounds like a good time as any to throw out what hasn’t worked and pick up better habits. So, call me Cap’n, because I’m setting sail and charting a new and improved course.

Yep, that’s me and our house guest (my groom’s best man) on a hobikat (read: a raft with a sail attached). Nevermind that seconds after this photo was taken, the sail whipped around and knocked that brand new cap right off my head and into the water (never to be seen again). And so what we had to be rescued two hours later after difficulty navigating back to shore? Living close to the ocean has inspired me. It’s all about staying afloat, navigating through rough waves, letting the wind catch your sail…and any other maritime-born cliché you can think of.

My half-year checkup showed that I’ve been feeling easily overwhelmed (editing and writing deadlines, traveling, hosting a parade of house guests, etc.). Time to pick up the slack and get back on board. My half-year’s resolution is to read and write more hours in the day, stay disciplined, and dedicate myself to regular exercise and better eating habits (I recently purchased my first yoga mat!).

This calls for a little inspiration.
Here I am standing tall next to the tall ships visiting from all over the world.

Anyone with me? What’s your half-year’s resolution?

Chicks ahoy! :-)


yvyj73 said...

I'm with you! It's a FABULOUS idea! I'm way late but better late than never, right?

Debbie Rigaud said...

Hey Yvy! Yes--better late than later. Let's get it poppin'. Good luck to us! :-)