Thursday, December 10, 2009

The question authors are asked most often at booksignings

For my next trick, I will speak on a panel of authors at the Southern Magic meeting in Birmingham in February. Looking way ahead, I'll be signing my novels at the enormous "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing in Nashville on July 28. And you should definitely make plans to meet me in person, because I am the epitome of scholarship and professionalism. Here, bask in my glory. My friend Carla filmed this at a booksigning last Saturday. That's bestselling author Christy Reece telling me that I have chocolate on my teeth.

After this, I asked Carla to stop filming me while I had chocolate in my mouth and to take at least one picture of me where I look like a Serious Author. That's superauthor Debra Webb looking at me and thinking, "I cannot believe I am signing books next to this person."

Morals of this story:

1. Do not invite good friends to your booksignings.

2. Do not allow them to bring cameras.

3. Do not place a big bowl of chocolate on your table in front of your books to entice readers, because you will eat it.

4. Do place a large sign on your table that says BATHROOM: THAT WAY, with an arrow.


Debbie Rigaud said...

LOL!! Too funny, Jenn. Yay for bringing friends to booksignings! :-)

Wendy Toliver said...


Kelly McClymer said...

Ummmm. Or do invite good friends...and bring good chocolate. Because your readers enjoy seeing you have fun!

Carla Swafford said...