Sunday, December 17, 2006

Long live my video ipod!

Niki's post made me thing of a few things--namely, how a terrible flu sidelined me for the weekend, from the gym and any other activities that require the ability to stand up without passing out. Seriously, I was sick, Noah was sick, and even the dog was sick (ear infection). You know you're pathetic when you've run out of choices from "On Demand."

January 1st is just around the corner, and even if I weren't embarking on a whole lifestyle upheaval, I'd still probably be using the occasion to resolve to improve myself in one way or another. It's almost always the same thing: write something that inspires me, stop biting my nails, and of course...get in shape.

Noah doesn't know this, having met me only in the last year, but I used to be REALLY In Shape. I was one of those horrible people who go the gym every day. I ran--like crazy--and even ran a marathon in 2003.

These days, not so much. An old friend I hadn't seen in ages asked me how the running was going, and I had to break it to him that the only running I do these days is from the couch to the fridge during commercial breaks of "America's Next Top Model."

It was a lie. I have DVR. There is no such thing as a commercial break. Which may have something to do with my newfound sloth.

However, if technology is to blame for distracting me from my fitness regime, then it is also one of the only reasons I found my way back to the gym. Picture it: a chilly winter's eve last February, and a brand new "Grey's Anatomy" on my DVR. I could stay in and watch it, of course--and spend about fifty percent of my viewing time feeling guilty about skipping the gym. OR--I could download it from itunes onto my spankin' new video ipod (worth every penny, I tell you, and not just for Death Cab for Cutie bonus videos). And watch it--wait for it--AT THE GYM.

These days, I don't think I'd ever make it to the gym, were it not for itunes. Which may be weird or even slightly sick. But I don't care. Better than In Shape is In Moderation, and whatever gets you to move deserves its props. So I think, this year, in addition to all of the usual baloney, I've got a resolution that I can finally make stick:

Watch more tv.

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Anonymous said...

You could always put some exercise videos on your new ipod and thereby dramatically increase the synergistic effects of TV absorption, technology, sloth, and the beauty of being strong and fit.

I like your blog.