Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who would you bring back?

I exercise at home. It's a combination of things that drive me to the elliptical machine in my basement rather than the fancier machines at a well-lit gym: I'm too lazy to make the haul and find parking, I hate having to wait for a machine, I love that I can exercise at midnight if I feel like it, and—most important of all—I like that I'm the one who controls the television set.

For the last month or so, I've been doing my workouts in front of Star Trek: Voyager. I loved the show from the moment it first aired, so allowing myself to watch the series only while I'm exercising is good incentive. I've finally gotten to the beginning of season four, where the telepathic character Kes leaves the show in favor of the Borg character Seven of Nine.

While I admire Jeri Ryan and the layers she gave to the character Seven of Nine (if you don't know who Jeri Ryan is, you can currently catch her on Shark, where she's fantastic), I really hated seeing Jennifer Lien, who portrayed Kes, get fired. She brought a vulnerability to the role that helped to balance the show's tougher aspects. She's a phenomenal actress, and I'd love to see her on television again.

Before I started on Star Trek: Voyager, I watched the entire series of Sports Night, the Aaron Sorkin series that centered on a fictional sports network. When Sports Night ended, many of its stars went on to other roles. Felicity Huffman is on Desperate Housewives, Josh Malina was on several seasons of The West Wing, and Peter Krause earned praise for his acting on Six Feet Under. Sabrina Lloyd recently appeared on Numb3ers. But since Sports Night, I haven't seen either Josh Charles anywhere. What gives? If I ran the world (which we all know is the way the world should be run...) I'd cast him in a starring role in a heartbeat.

What actors have you missed? Who would you want to see on television again? What kind of roles would you give them?


Jennifer Echols said...

In honor of Peter Boyle passing away today, I would bring back Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny from The X-Files. I never saw Mr. Boyle in Raymond, but he was fantastic guest-starring in one of my favorite X-Files episodes ever.

thecitychicken said...

I've read that Josh didn't like the rigors of a t.v. series. Too much work. He's well-off, and wants to do just movies. Which he's been doing.

Anonymous said...

Josh Charles has worked steadily since Sports Night ended. However -- most of the work has been on stage or in independent films, by choice - so it can be hard to find.

Two very high profile works that are easily found are Four Brothers and SWAT. Four Brothers is a horrible movie but worth it just to see Josh and Terrence Howard together.

SWAT was frought with continuity errors in the action sequences but was a good shoot-em-up popcorn movie. And who knew Josh's character would turn out to be the most interesting? (Even from a non-fan standpoint).

He has a movie currently in production, "Brief Interviews With Hideous Men" and has another project in pre-production called "In Treatment".

Anonymous said...

Josh Charles is my absolute favourite actor - he was brilliant in Sports Night, and he's incredibly good-looking, which is always a plus. But he only seems to get small roles in really bad films ('Four Brothers'! 'The Darwin Awards'!) these days. I heard he did some theater work, so I guess his TV career's completely washed up. Shame. I liked him a lot.

stephhale said...

It is such a coincedence that you posted this. I was just wondering where Josh went the other day. I was watching THREESOME, remember that one? I also loved him in, DON'T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTERS DEAD. He is just such a doll. I did forget he was in SWAT. He should definitely get more lead roles.


Nicole Burnham said...

I'm SO glad to hear he has work. I wonder if he ever does theater in Boston? (If so, I'm THERE.) If it's only in CA, it may be tough for me to get to. NYC is possible, though...

Must check!

Anonymous said...

Chris Eigeman, no contest, the best thing about every Whit Stillman movie (while I'm at it, I would bring back Whit Stillman) -- Metropolitan, Last Days of Disco, Barcelona. He showed up on "It's Like You Know" and a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls, and beyond that, he's vanished into the ether. And he is SORELY missed.