Thursday, December 28, 2006

The REAL holiday celebration

Okay, I really DO know the holidays are all about family and loved ones. But I am having a REAL holiday celebration right now, at 10 pm (at least here in Boston) on Dec. 28th.

I managed to scarf all kinds of cookies and whatnot and DIDN'T GAIN ANY WEIGHT!

Do not ask me how. There is truly a Christmas miracle happening at my house. All I know is that--for once--I am not going to be spending the first few weeks of January doing crunches and pounding out time on the elliptical machine to cover for holiday indulgences (I'll still exercise, because I'm just that way...but it'll be without holiday GUILT!)

Yay for miracles!!

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Jennifer Echols said...

Hooray for you!!! I had a similar experience. I spent a week ingesting twice as many calories as usual. At the end, I got on the scale and weighed exactly the same. However, there was a Reno 911! marathon last night, and I'm not sure how many Hershey's Special Dark Mint Truffles I ate while watching. I may have blown it. *sigh* At least I bought myself an exercise ball for Christmas.