Saturday, February 24, 2007

Buona Sera from Rome!

This is being posted from my hotel in Rome. Talk about a romantic city--I just got back from an incredibly relaxing long evening sitting in a piazza listening to a street musician, sipping wine, eating home made spaghetti, and watching the ultra-chic Italians walk by. I wish I could stay forever.

It's amazing how beautifully European women dress. There's a sense of style here that blows me away. It's not like they're all bopping down the via this or via that in Versaci or Fendi or anything. It's more the accessories--a scarf here, a leather bag there, a gorgeous pair of earrings--that separates them from a mere fashion mortal like myself. (Of course the guide book, camera, and black diesel sneakers are also a dead giveaway that an American is in their midst).

I hereby vow to accessorize more when I return home--it'll be my way of beautifying the streets of New York.

Arrivederci for now!




Nicole Burnham said...

Have a BLAST, Nancy! Rome is probably my favorite city in the whole world. It's ancient, yet so alive at the same time.

Toss a coin in the Trevi fountain!

Nancy K said...

i Niki. Just got home (ahead of the storm!) I was an amazing trip. The kids' first to Rome. I absolutely tossed a coin in the trevi and can't wait to go back! How are things with you?