Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Last night's reading was a huge success! Tons of people showed, Niki brought little bags of Valentine candy, Erin's adorable daughter was cooing, the mood was festive and fun...More details to follow, but I wanted to post this awesome picture taken by Micol's boyfriend.
That's (l-r): Nancy Krulik, Niki Burnham, me (Aimee Friedman), Micol Ostow, Erin Downing, and Suzanne Weyn.



Micol Ostow said...

Aimee's just being modest by not mentioning her awesome red shoes, which got as much attention as the readings did (but not *quite* as much attention as Erin's insanely cute daughter)!

Nicole Burnham said...

Okay, Nancy, Aimee, and Erin are clearly having fun. Micol (way beautiful) is looking at the camera, since clearly she's the only one who noticed we were having a picture taken.

Me, I look like I'm trying to choke down three day old sushi or something. What the heck was I doing at that moment?!

And I think Suzanne is hiding Reese's hearts in her purse and Erin just caught her at it. What do you think?! :D