Thursday, February 15, 2007

Post-Valentine's blues

Okay. See, I'm of the belief that one should really be spreading warm fuzzies to one's extended beloveds throughout the year, and not only on a Hallmark-sanctioned "holiday." That being said, I am a FREAK about thematic stuff; ie: I go completely spazzy about red and green m&m's at Christmas, consume inappropriate quantities of candy corn during Halloween, and use Valentine's day as an excuse to pig out on Reese's candy hearts (thanks, Niki!). So obviously, last night, Noah and I toasted with pink champagne, and made s'mores with our little table-top kit while we watched snow, ice, and sleet slowly blanket the streets outside.

Yes, it was romantic (and yes, I have a little bit of a tummyache this morning). But does that mean that we're not allowed to be romantic with each other for the rest of the 364 days in the year?

Noah says of course not. Which is a huge relief, because Miss Bridget Jones really does look adorable in her red Valentine's sweater.

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