Sunday, February 04, 2007

San Francisco, Redux

I went to San Francisco last week. My daughter lives there and she was having surgery to remove a tumor from her leg. So, not the greatest reason to go to SF, but still, coming from snow and cold, it was something to look forward to.

My youngest sister also lives in SF, so she picked me up from the airport. I spent the first day at her condo in Marin, chilling (and revising the upcoming book SHE'S A WITCH GIRL, out in August). Then I went into the city proper to stay at my daughter's totally cute apartment. She was only three blocks from the hospital so we got up at dawn and walked to the hospital for her 6:00 a.m. call. Her part of the city felt totally safe to walk through and I am vastly relieved to know that where she is living is safe (where her job is moving?, not so much).

Early a.m. conversation between daughter and me as we watched interns and nurses swirl around at a very busy hospital:
DD: Just so you know, I have $50,000 life insurance.
Me: I can't handle this convo.
DD: Still, just in case.
Me: Good to know. You're going to be fine. Are you cold? (She was wearing hospital gown, but had no blanket.). If you're cold, it's okay to put a blanket around you (She did...we were both instantly warmer).

They pumped her for info, then pumped her full of drugs (two IVS!), then took her away. I went to regular waiting room, and then to Starbucks (I'm a Starbucks slut). My sister joined me about 10 a.m. and we shortly thereafter went to hospital waiting room. Dr. called me (seriously, on the waiting room!?) He shared a name with a famous horse...but I shall not say more because he did a miraculous job on my DD's leg. Tumor is gone, no numbness, no drop foot. There's an 8-inch scar, with Frankenstein like staples, but that will heal.

I'm home now, and my daughter is going to be on the short end of the 3-4 week recuperation (she's my mother's problem at the moment :-)
I love SF. It's warm (for winter) and cool (for summer). Sausalito is the bomb for late evening strolls and in SF there are doctors that give reality to the dreams of young women who would like to walk the eminently walkable San Francisco without pain.

Only downside? It's cold at home.

I wish I was back in SF.



Erin Downing said...

Kelly -
So glad things went well. All the best for you and your daughter!

Jennifer Echols said...

Here's hoping your daughter heals quickly & you can take a walk with her in SF soon!

Little Willow said...

Healthy, healing thoughts for your daughter. Be well, both of you.