Saturday, May 12, 2007

What did you get your mom for Mother's Day?

I got my mom a super-cute Liz Claiborne purse in the coral color she wears often. When I was in high school, Color Me Beautiful sessions were popular--you would sit in a special light and let the technician lay different colors of fabric under your face and calculate what colors suited you best. Since then, my mom has worn a LOT of coral, which is convenient because Liz Claiborne likes coral too. I have not followed the Color Me Beautiful advice myself. I would be wearing nothing but teal.

And I got her Jennifer Crusie's Tell Me Lies to go in the purse. Very important to my mom and me for a purse to be big enough to hold a book.


Little Willow said...

Very thoughtful of you. I don't believe in purses, but I do believe in bookbags. When I was given an insulated purple lunchbag, my first response was: "I can fit TWO BOOKS in here!" - to which the response of the giver was: "And FOOD."

Erin Downing said...

I just bought myself a purse for mother's day (Un Apres Midi de Chien - my fave brand)! I let my husband off the hook and picked my gift myself (my daughter is only 1, so she's not the best judge of what I might want - I would just get a bowl full of rocks if it were up to her)...that way, we all win!

Aimee Friedman said...

Jennifer, What a nice post! And such nice gifts from everyone.

My mom has had a stressful year (minor knee surgery, caring for my ailing grandma, putting up with me, and just generally being the powerhouse she is) so I decided to give her a "spa day at home." I bought some goodies from Fresh, my new favorite cosmetic brand-- Japanese bath salts, scented soap, hand and foot cream, and lip balm. Just to give her some real time to relax. To all the moms, the mom-writers, the writers,the readers... Treat yourself to an at-home spa day this mom's day -- you deserve it!

Jennifer Echols said...

Little Willow: LOL! Chick after my own heart.

Erin: Afternoon of the Dog? What? (It's been a long time since francais.)

Aimee: That is an awesome idea!