Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back from Dallas!

I'm back from the RWA National Convention in Dallas! Here's a view of downtown from the conference hotel. Actually this is the view from my friend's room. My room had a view of the freeway and the prison.

This pic shows about a third of the room full of 450 authors and lots of readers at the literacy booksigning. I can't tell you how many people stopped by my little corner to say they LOVE the entire Simon Pulse Ro-Com series! I always gave them my card and suggested they visit the blog. If you're reading us for the first time, please de-lurk and say hi!

Here I am with Catherine Chant, my critique partner--which means we read each other's books before we turn them in. Catherine writes YA paranormal. She hasn't been published yet, but I know she will be soon. Remember her name, yo.

Here's my other critique partner, Vicki D the Girl Emcee. We're so excited that her first book is coming out in a few weeks!!! But you shouldn't read it until you turn 18. *disapproving glare with one eyebrow raised*

Here's my fabulous literary agent, Caren Johnson. We hung out quite a bit with Sangeeta the Simon Pulse Ro-Com Queen. I didn't get a pic of Sangeeta but I did have a long talk with her and managed to spill raspberry vinaigrette on her.

And here's the large slab of granite I like to call the National Readers' Choice Award. When I got home to Birmingham I had a note in my cosmetic bag saying airport security had searched it. I think this was because the National Readers' Choice Award was inside the bag, and security was not expecting a cosmetic bag to weigh 70 pounds.

See you next year in San Francisco!

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Caroline Goode said...

Jennifer, thanks for the report and the photos. I've always wanted to go to an RWA con, but never made it yet. San Francisco is awfully tempting, though.