Sunday, August 12, 2007

Little joys

I had to take the dog to the groomer's this week. Thing about owning a poodle is that they need trimming pretty regularly (I've taken to calling Tipper "fluffanutter" for the week or so before she gets clipped.) I go to a place in Natick, MA. There's not much to do in the immediate vicinity of the groomer's, so it's usually a good time to get back in the car and try to run a few other errands. This week, however, I decided to wander down the street from the groomer's to a bakery and grab a coffee to take back to the car before heading out.

If you're ever in Natick, check out Bakery on the Common. Oh, YUM.

Imagine the smell of freshly-baked Challah bread made into French toast and dusted with cinnamon. Kids munching homemade chocolate biscotti. Guys in the kitchen whipping up omelettes with smiles on their faces. The place was sooooo much more than simple coffee. Needless to say, I grabbed a table and stayed. Sitting there soaking in the atmosphere, reading a great book, and enjoying a delicious breakfast made a mundane errand into one of life's little joys.

From now on, dog-clipping day is going to be a real treat. The whole experience got me brainstorming ways to make other errands and chores more fun. Any suggestions?

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Micol Ostow said...

I like to send Noah. ;P
Actually, I was really proud of myself this morning--went on a coffee run for the both of us completely unprompted.