Thursday, August 02, 2007

Living Large: A Reader/Writer Challenge

I am huge.

I don't mean feeling sort of bloated and post-cupcake-chubby huge, but massive, reminiscent of some sort of whale-esque creature or perhaps an elephant. Yes, this grandeur comes with pregnancy. Even moreso with a twin pregnancy, but boy, I am unenviably large. I will have two new babies sometime around the beginning of September, and in the meantime, I'm stuck at home roasting in the muggy August heat enjoying a small-child's-worth of excess weight.

So this month, I issue a challenge...
Can you entertain me?
I have been stuck in a semi-laying-down position for about a month now, and books and movies and trying to write are just getting old. Even beach-reading fluff has lost its glimmer. I've surfed and re-surfed the internet. All my photo albums are in order. I don't do crafts. I am too impatient to learn a language. But I need something to do....HELP!

Anyone who can successfully entertain me with either an amazing book suggestion, a must-see movie that will keep me from falling asleep, a fabulous website, or some other much-more-creative and clever couch-based endeavor will be my new best friend. Are you up to the challenge?



Jennifer Echols said...

I'm so glad to hear you're hanging in there, but so so sorry about your predicament. I empathize!

I subscribed to Netflix recently and I'm a huge fan. They mail you a DVD and when you send it back, they send you a new one right away. This means you don't have to go into the store with the wee one, who insists on getting five DVDs to your one. Also, they have lots of TV shows. It would be great if you could get addicted to a show you've always heard about but never watched! My suggestion would be Reno 911. :)

Wendy Toliver said...

Ugh! I know about those late-summer pregnacies.

Movies? I watched "Premonition" starring Sandra Bullock on a recent plane trip. I thought it was very interesting and attention-grabbing.

Books? Try FASHIONABLY LATE by Nadine Dajani. Very different subject (it's ethnic women's fiction), and you'll learn quite a lot and not even know it b/c you're having so much fun hanging out with her characters on Cuban beaches. Other than that, I could use some help getting MY photo albums in order. :)

Good luck!

Erin Downing said...

Excellent suggestions -
Jenn, I'm already a Netflix member...perhaps I'll give Reno 911 another shot.
Wendy, send your pics my way and I'll happily organize them. The book sounds great and just up my alley - library, here I come!

Jennifer Echols said...

I was actually kidding about Reno 911. I may be the only person who's female and over 21 who likes it. Tho you may find amusing the episodes where Deputy Trudy is pregnant and has Paul Ruud as a Lamaze instructor. I certainly do.

Then, if you haven't gotten enough of pregnant women kicking butt, there's Fargo. I think this movie is brilliant. But I did hear a friend from up north say it was very insulting, so maybe northerners are offended by Fargo like southerners are offended by Deliverance? Surely not.

Kelly McClymer said...

Twins. Wow. I remember, back before I had children, I thought having a pair of twins would be quite efficient (my mom is a twin). LOL!

Must see movie: Stranger than Fiction.

Good luck, and may the rest of your summer be cool.


Micol Ostow said...

Honestly, you're lucky to be spending the dog days of August indoors. But I understand the whole stir-crazy thing.

Have you read OCTAVIAN NOTHING? It's the book everyone at Vermont College is recommending, but it's so huge that I've been avoiding it. Maybe you'll have to let me know what you think?