Friday, September 12, 2008

This Time Next Month...

I'll be in South Korea! My husband needs to go for work, so of course I cashed in the frequent flyer miles to go along. Though I'm pretty well-traveled (side effect of being an Army brat), I've never been anywhere in Southeast Asia. I'm completely pumped--I'll have three and a half days to soak in as much of Seoul as possible. I think I could easily find a month's worth of things to do in Korea, but I'll take the three days in Seoul.

Here's what I like most about visiting somewhere entirely new to me: I get to use a different part of my brain than I do tapping away at the keyboard in the cocoon of my home office. I've spent the last few weeks reading everything I can online and in travel guides about Korean history, various historic sites, Buddhist temples, royal palaces, fortresses, the DMZ, shopping districts, and even Seoul's fish market. It's like going back to high school and taking a specialty history course. And though there won't be a test, I'd like to know enough to make it from point A to point B comfortably and to get the most out of touring all of Seoul's historic sites.

I promise to post pics when I get back, so stay tuned. And when Korea pops up in unusual ways in my next book, you'll know why!

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Micol Ostow said...

How exciting! Have fun!