Friday, September 05, 2008

What's in a name?

Sorry, I have been so out of the loop all summer. It's been crazy around here. I just finished my latest ro com, LOVE OFF LIMITS (October 2009). I will write more about the book in my next blog. Just peeked at the cover art yesterday and love it!!
For those of you who don't know, I also have another deadline coming up -- the end of my pregnancy. Both of these big due dates seem different in many ways. However, I've realized that writing a book and being pregnant actually have one thing on common -- picking out names. Finding just the right name for characters and for my child has been no easy task. Would you all agree that certain names seem to go with a particular type of person? For instance, you wouldn't name a wild child Mary. Roxy might be more appropriate for the free spirit. Certain characters are meant for a particular name.
The other thing that makes picking out names difficult is that when you meet someone with an undesirable personality it can really ruin the name. One of my characters in LOVE OFF LIMITS was originally called Spencer -- this was before I realized I cannot stand Spencer from The Hills. I had to change his name. Sorry, if you like the name Spencer. I like the name too -- it's just that particular person who has kind of shadowed my feelings toward the name.
My husband and I settled on a name for our baby early in the pregnancy -- Lyla. It shares the same meaning as my maiden name, Lyles, meaning "from the islands." Please spare comments if you don't like the name or know someone else named Lyla. I've already gotten enough grief from my mom who told me that she once had a trashy cleaning lady named Lyla. Funny, no one in my family remembers this cleaning lady. Obviously, my mom's not a fan. And ever since we told friends it was our number one choice we've been flooded with opinions and stories of ten million other people who also just named their baby Lyla. We have a runner up name and for a while there I was literally changing my mind every other day. I guess I have to actually meet the babies. As I said earlier, characters go with certain names.
Will keep everyone posted on both deliveries. Hope you all had a great summer!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the Spencer subject. I cannot stand him either Lol. I love the name Lyla. It sounds beautiful♥. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy and I can't wait to hear more about you book :)

Erin Downing said...

Good luck with the baby!

Kelly McClymer said...

Names are amazing things, aren't they? So defining, either before the fact (who names their son Milton anymore?) or after (Apple?!?). Once you name your child, you really can't see anyone else with the name, it is like an imprint on your heart, you hear the name and your child fills your inner movie screen.

DH and I agonized over the names of each of our three. And then once they were named, that was it...well, except for the year that my daughter was in love with The Wizard of Oz and wanted to be called Dorothy instead of her name. And the year my son wanted to exchange his initials for his full name...which was halted by a judicious answer of, "okay, let's practice writing your full name."

Enjoy the new little one!