Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dry Erase Board Confessions

Years ago when I worked at Seventeen, a dry erase board hung high in the office's main area was a source of many shenanigans (and birthday shout-outs). One day I invited the edit staff--via said dry erase board--to list their favorite corny songs of all time. Mine was "Sussudio" by Phil Collins. The cheesy tune reminded me of my childhood best friend's birthday party at a roller skating rink. (Back story: It was a huuge deal that I was allowed to go to said party--my very first outing sans overprotective family tagging along. My bff Monica was transferring schools, and I was cut up about it, so my mom let me go.) "Sussudio" played on the car ride to the rink, and it was blast through the speakers at the rink. I was a kick-butt roller skater and I remember skate-dancing to the song, feeling totally liberated.

Skating trips down memory lane aside, "Sussudio" wasn't the "Favorite Corny Song" list's best entry on the dry erase board. Another editor beat everyone hands down with his fave--Neil Diamond's "Coming to America." ("To-DAY!")

I've been thinking a lot about that dry erase board recently. I have a shameful secret I'd like to confess to it. You'll never believe this, but I just watched "Mean Girls" for the first time. Sure, I'd seen clips of the movie before, but I never watched it in its entirety until last week. And I call myself a writer who's hip to the teen scene? [sulk]

New dry erase board question: "What popular boat did you miss?" No judgment here. Trust me, I can relate. After moving back to the States from London, I felt lost when people threw their hands in the air to songs I'd never heard before. I had a lot of catching up to do.

So, chime in with your confessions. Haven't read the Twilight series and all the Harry Potter books? Not yet heard Lil' Wayne's music? Never seen "Bring It On!" or watched a full episode of "Grey's Anatomy?" Tell me your startling omission. Misery wants company!


Wendy Toliver said...

I've read only half of the Twilight books (so far?). I don't have any body piercings except for my ears. I've never owned a pair of Converse high tops.

Jennifer Echols said...

Fun post!

I have read exactly one Twilight book and one Harry Potter book. And I have watched hardly anything popular on TV now, srsly. Pretty much my entire TV-watching schedule is mentioned in The Boys Next Door: What Not To Wear, The Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs. Also, What Not To Wear is doing me no good because I want a sweater dress and stockings and long boots--bad! Everybody in town has this outfit, but I know I will mess it up.

BUT...I have worn out many a pair of Converses! I had an off-white pair that I would wear with my pants tucked into them in high school (I wish I could say they were parachute pants but sadly they were not).

Debbie Rigaud said...

Ha!! Jennifer - I'm so behind, I didn't even know about the sweater dress trend. And Wendy, same here--I only have ear piercings. (I don't have any tattoos, either.) But, I'm a recovering Converse high tops addict.