Monday, February 09, 2009

I am huge in Malaysia!

A couple of weekends ago I traveled to New York City for a writers’ conference, and I was fortunate enough to have coffee with my new Simon Pulse editor. We chatted about Erin and Wendy and Jamie and P.J., and about Micol’s very cool new Bradford Novels series with lots of online content (today I’m a guest at her blog party here.) And then I happened to mention to my editor that I get a lot of e-mail from readers overseas--Brazil, Finland, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and particularly Malaysia.

My editor was all astonishment. Apparently he had no idea about my books’ popularity in Malaysia. So of course I held up my hands and announced to the coffee shop in general, “I AM HUGE IN MALAYSIA!”

Editor: “Right, like David Hasselhoff is huge in Germany.” I had a sneaking suspicion he did not believe me! I am TOTALLY like David Hasselhoff!

So, dear readers, I have a deal for you.

1. Take a photo of Major Crush or The Boys Next Door next to a sign or a landmark—something that tells us where you are.

2. Post your photo in the comments here OR send it to me at echolsjenn at yahoo dot com, along with the city and country where you took it. (You MUST include the city and country. Do not trust me to figure this out from your photo. Americans are notoriously bad at geography.)

3. The three participants farthest from my home in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, receive a copy of my latest book, Going Too Far, which will be published by MTV Books on March 17. You’ll get it before it goes on sale in the United States, and WAY earlier than it will be available overseas, according to the Australians who have been complaining to me about this.

The fine print: contest ends Saturday, February 28. If you e-mail me your photos, I would love to post them on this blog (thus proving my point to my editor), but I will not unless you give me permission.

And hey, there, Socapatoy, Alabama! Even though you are only 70 miles from me, you should still enter this contest. You never know--Malaysia may not show up.


Victoria Dahl said...

Does Utah count as a foreign country?

Jennifer Echols said...

Is there snow on the ground? Then yes. It is 70 degrees here. Post it baby! We need a pic of The Boys Next Door next to a sign warning tourists about mountain lions.

Carla Swafford said...

I went looking for my copy of the books so I could take it on vacation with me. I wasn't going far - Gatlinburg - but I figured I could get in front of a "Swiss" chateau and take a picture, saying I'm elsewhere and not Tennessee. But my college student has the copies!! Snuck them out of the house! Anyway, that's what I get for wanting to lie and win. Grrr!

Jennifer Echols said...

Carla, ROFL! It's the thought that counts. :)

Micol Ostow said...

I believe you, even if editor is dubious! We just got an email saying that there have been Bradford sightings in THAILAND!