Thursday, October 15, 2009

Casting Call...Who Would You Choose?

Getting letters from readers is one of the best parts of being a writer. I'll admit, I love the actual writing part the best, but I've had thirteen books and two novellas published, and I still never fail to have a "squee!" moment when I open a letter or e-mail from a reader. It's validation that doesn't come with a lot of other jobs. (For instance, I never got a single letter from a client telling me I was "awesome!" when I was a lawyer.)

Lately, however, a huge percentage of my mail has contained various forms of the same question: Will there be a movie or tv show based on the Royally Jacked romantic comedies?

The answer is: I don't know. While I have an agent who handles those things, seeing any book make it to the screen is a long shot. Still, it's awfully fun to think about. I know a lot of writers--including some on this blog--who have mentally "cast" their own books. And readers definitely have ideas for casting!

Judging from your e-mails, the number one pick for Valerie is Miley Cyrus. I can see that--she has that clean cut, yet edgy vibe you get with Val. And, of course, there's the whole relationship with her dad (which is a huge part of the Royally Jacked series.) So that gives Billy Ray a role, too.

Miley's not the only name to hit my in-box, however. Here, some of the suggestions that have been made recently:

Valerie Winslow: Ashley Tisdale, Taylor Swift, Shailene Woodley, and Jennette McCurdy (quite a range there!)

Prince Georg: Joe Jonas (LOTS of e-mails for Joe), Daniel Radcliffe, Daren Kagasoff

David Anderson: Chace Crawford (the top suggestion), Jesse McCartney, Jason Earles

Christie Toleski: Taylor Swift (nearly as many e-mails for Taylor to play Christie as for Miley to play Val!), Emily Osment, Dakota Fanning

Jules Jackson: Kristin Stewart, Selena Gomez, Taylor Momsen

Natalie Monschroeder: Demi Lovato, Emma Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Cosgrove

Ulrike: Abigail Breslin, Dakota Fanning

Steffi: Minka Kelly, Nikki Reed

Fun, huh? But the one that made me call my husband to the computer with a "Watch this!" was a YouTube video trailer. Apparently, it's been posted to YouTube for several months, but I only heard about it recently:

(If that's not working, check it out right here.)

So what do you think? Who would you cast? And what about other romantic comedy books--any you're dying to see on-screen? I've mentally cast Hayley Erin (who currently plays Abby Carlton on The Young & The Restless) as Jo O' Connor in Cameron Dokey's HOW NOT TO SPEND YOUR SENIOR YEAR. And Erin Downing's Olivia from DANCING QUEEN is definitely Olesya Rulin (at least in my head!)


Serina said...

That is way too awesome!!! \o/ I haven't read the Royally Jacked series yet (I just got them recently), but I'll definitely re-visit this post when I do. :)

Personally I pictured Selena Gomez to play Liv (maybe it's the hair and overall cuteness). Off the top of my head, I think I'd wanna see Prom Crashers and The Boys Next Door on the big screen. For some reason the first person I think of to play Lori is Hilary Duff, but she'd have to go back to her Lizzie McGuire look. Nick Jonas can be Adam Vader; I'm torn between Kevin and Joe for Sean Vader, since Nick and Kevin look more alike than Nick and Joe, but Joe has more of a bad-boy look. And maybe Vanessa Hudgens for Emily, and David Henrie as Ethan. Sterling Knight would make a great male lead for another book... maybe Matt from Love Off-Limits!

Okay I better stop, LOL. So many possibilities!! ^_^

Erin Downing said...

Niki: I'd never heard of Olesya Rulin, but love that you're casting for Liv! And your choice is adorable.

Analyn: I can totally see Selena Gomez in the Liv role - I actually recommended we keep her in mind when I got to meet the producer who's working on a script for Prom Crashers (a meeting that was way too cool and exciting for me!). I love Selena - agree that she's very cute. And how perfect is David Henrie for Ethan?!?!

Fun games. Thanks, Niki!

Serina said...

Oh my gosh! Prom Crashers will be a movie?! *squee* Which other books from the series are also in talks? Wow, that is way beyond exciting! Congrats!! =D

Nicole Burnham said...

Oooh! I think Selena Gomez would make a wonderful Liv!

i'd also be all for seeing The Boys Next Door on film. It'd be one of those fun, out-with-the-girls-on-Friday-night popcorn flicks.