Friday, January 22, 2010

Be Afraid...Very Afraid...But Do It Anyway!

Okay, so Brad is hot even when he's playing Death. But...

I love the blog question for this month -- what will I be writing in 2010?

First, I will be writing the last polish on the book I spent writing all last year.

Second, I will be finishing the draft of a second book that has taken me to a time and place in history that I loved, but never expected to write in.

Third...I will be writing (and rewriting) a business plan for the new business I am starting up (which will require writing and creation in whole new area for me).

The themes of all three works have one thing in common: they all scare me crazy. My still-in-revision-after-a-year book scares me because it is big and ambitious and more than I've ever tried before. My only-a-few-chapters-in new book scares me because it is in a time period that many people know well, and I'm trying (again!) to do something a little different there, while still being scrupulously historically accurate. The business plan (so left brain of me) scares me because it is the embodiment of all my dreams about a product that I've wanted to see/create since I was in college (in the dark ages, for those who wonder). To take a twist on Goldilocks, I may be too late, I maybe be too early, or I may be just right.


My motto, since the first time I decided to try to make a crazy idea real (back in elementary school, when I wrote, directed, and produced a play with my sisters for my parents): Be afraid. Be very afraid. But do it anyway!

I'll be talking about the new business (and the old, of course), on my website. I'm also on Twitter now, as kellymcclymer, and would love to be followed, or to follow others. Just be aware...I'm Twitter-deficient. I'm determined to learn. But...beware.


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Debbie Rigaud said...

Great motto. It's so true. So many projects are very frightening to me. But I guess that's all part of a healthy challenge. Thanks for this. And best of luck with your business!