Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Will You Be Writing in 2010?

We’re still in January, so it’s not too late to jump back on the horse, right? I vowed to write at least an hour a day this year. I even joined the 32-Day Writing Challenge facebook group page, hoping for that extra boost. But now that the month is almost over, I haven’t clocked as many words as I would’ve liked to. But the eternal optimist in me says there’s still time. And how's this for encouragement? The Brown Bookshelf has just selected me as a "28 Days Later" 2010 author!

I definitely feel excited about the stories I’m working on. One is a YA romantic comedy inspired by life on a tropical island. The other ro-com is inspired by own teen years—which were spent under the rule of well-meaning but overprotective parents. And I’ve begun outlining a paranormal story that I think it’s pretty cool. I can’t wait to see how these three manuscripts develop.

Right now I’m trying to strike a balance between my writing and the fundraising and planning I’ve been doing for Haiti disaster relief. The earthquake’s devastation has personally impacted me and my family. As a Haitian-American, it’s tough watching the news--and it’s almost as difficult stepping away from it. Sometimes it makes you wonder: How does a writer write when times like these leave one at a loss for words?

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Kelly McClymer said...


How wonderful that you are finding a way to help those in Haiti. I can't imagine what it feels like to be Haitian-American and see the news. It's hard enough for me, and I've never been to Haiti.