Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still a Kid at Heart


My family just got back from a road trip to S. California. We had the most amazing time at Disneyland and Sea World. I loved watching my 3 boys' reactions to the various animals, characters, and shows, and screaming with them on roller coasters.
But the thing that amazed me the most was the way I felt when the Disney characters paraded down Main Street. It was like I was a little girl again, vying for Snow White's attention, laughing at Goofy's antics, hoping that Mickey himself would be in the last float. At Sea World, when I got to pet the bat rays and dolphins and hold starfish, I was transported back to when I was a kid, wondering what the sea animals would feel like and what they'd do when I held them.
Which experiences from your past spark memories that you like to share with loved ones?

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Nancy K said...

I love DIsney too! My whole family is obsessed with it, and go every year when we visit family in Florida. My favorite ride is Splash Mountain. . .but meeting Mickey is still the biggest kick in the park. Glad you had a great time!