Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Go on ... Take a Leap

I’m at the point in an approaching deadline where I’m so crazy busy writing that not only have I lost track of what day it is, but I was convinced earlier that it was a whole different WEEK entirely. I’m only taking the time for a PROJECT RUNWAY break so I can clear my head and blog a bit because I need to ask you all a favor ... a little something that will reassure me that the world continues to exist while I’m hunched over my laptop.

February 29th is fast approaching. Leap Day. I kind of look at Leap Day like found money. When I stumble across a forgotten $10 in a coat pocket, I immediately spend it on something fun. The time I put a couple bucks in a slot machine in Vegas and walked away with more than a hundred bucks, I went out for a very nice dinner. And the government is going to love me because when I get my “rebate check” this spring, it will totally go to something frivolous that I don’t need ... no matter how much my credit card debt has been mounting.

Now, for Leap Day, I would love to do something equally as frivolous. This is a day we’re not supposed to have. A little something extra. An unexpected gift (although they do come around every four years, so maybe “unexpected” is the wrong word). Alas, because of my deadline I probably will not remove my butt from my office chair until Monday. Good thing I just bought a new one. (Office chair, that is. Not a new butt ... though I could use one.)

So, to everyone out there, I ask you to have fun for me by doing something different that day. Step outside your comfort zone. Break the routine. Go snowboarding like Wendy did last week. Wear that wacky outfit in your closet that you’ve been too afraid to show off in public. Order extra whipped cream on your frapuccino. It doesn’t have to be something big. It doesn’t have to be something you need to get your parents’ permission for. It can be a small thing, like reading a book that you’d normally be embarrassed if someone caught you reading. And while you’re doing it, don’t even bother to think of me toiling away in my office. This Leap Day is all about you!

(Disclaimer: I am not encouraging anyone to do anything dangerous, illegal, or immoral. Just because you’re doing something fun, doesn’t mean it has to be destructive to yourself or to others. Don’t be stupid. Don’t go releasing 85 live chickens in your school, like some students did at my old high school a few weeks ago. Sometimes fun has a price. You might wind up paying the $5,000 chicken clean up bill if you get caught.)

And now ... make it work ... I mean ... back to work.

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Wendy Toliver said...

A $5k chicken clean up bill?!? Zikes!