Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Is it really only Wednesday?

At VCFA, we do a little thing on the online forums called "Friday Brag." And inexplicably, this week, I am all kinds of braggy pants.

For starters, we've officially been given a release date for Dave and my graphic novel project, I'M WITH THE TRIBE. It's going to come out in 7/09 from Flux, and there will also be some nifty ARCS about nine months beforehand. Hopefully those will generate lots of buzzy-buzz. Check out this snazzy character profile of our protagonist, Ari Abramson I've posted here. Consider it a sneak peek!

Secondly, I just learned that FIRST KISS (THEN TELL) was named a Teen magazine recommended book for winter 2007. Okay, so, yeah, I have but the one wee story in that anthology, but it's a fab collection with some amazing contributors--Including P J Ruditis, author of LOVE, HOLLYWOOD STYLE (no idea when I'm going to be rubbing pub-elbows with other National Book Award Finalists again).

And finally, the fabulosa Kelly Parra (Graffiti Girl) has posted a fun little interview with yours truly on her blog, YA Fresh. Have a look:

They say that good things happen in threes. They also warn against pushing one's luck (they are very bossy, these mysterious "theys"). So with that in mind, I think I'm going to make my exit, stage left, while I've still got a graceful out.

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Kelly McClymer said...

I'm rooting for that third lucky thing to happen for you!