Sunday, April 15, 2007

Doing the Cannes-Cannes

I've definitely done my fair share of traveling this winter, from Palm Beach to Vermont to Lake Placid and Williamstown (phew!). Yup, being a writer sure is a flexible job! All I need is a wireless network, an electrical outlet, and a fresh cup of coffee....

Now that I'm home, though, the past month or so has been spent happily planted in New York City, not-so-patiently waiting out the leonine ides of March (and April. Seriously: snow in *April?*). And as much as I love, love, love my job, bumming around the house in my pajamas while the weather rages outside? Is starting to get old.

Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel; Boyfriend Noah's most recent film was selected to premiere in competition at the Cannes film festival (that's my man behind the camera in the above photo). Not only will I get to spend a week in the South of France hobnobbing with international indie filmmakers, but I'll even be walking the red carpet at the premiere!

It's a far cry from pajamas, for sure. Have laptop (um, and deadlines, of course), will travel. I can't wait!

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Jennifer Echols said...

That is SO COOL!!!