Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hopped up on iced coffee

...with lots to say. Bear with me, I've been cooped up under deadlines. It's been a while since I've "talked" to anyone other than the dog.

Spring has finally sprung here in NYC (note jaunty sunglasses), of which the doggie keeps reminding me by insisting on taking her breakfast to the patio. She's such a diva, but seeing as how she's been sick over the weekend, I'm just pleased to see her eating again.

It's been a shockingly hectic (but pleasantly so) few weeks for the Ostow-Jones-Harlan clan. GETTIN' LUCKY released, and I got to read from the book at the latest Teen Author Reading Night, whilst sitting next to the lovely, sweet, snarky, and brilliantly talented Cassandra Claire (CITY OF BONES), aka my newest girl crush.

EMILY GOLDBERG was inaugurated into the NYPL's Books for the Teen Age, which was shockingly flattering, since it means she will be keeping company with works by the likes of Scott Westerfeld, David Levithan, Maureen Johnson, and other masters of the craft. Oh, and the paperback cover is girly and hilarious. Viva los Razorbills!

An unexpected by-product of the listing has been several invitations to speak to high school students at various outposts of the NYPL. I must confess, preternaturally literate teenagers terrify me. But I guess I'll have to wing it.

Mr. Harlan has been having a pretty good run of things of late himself. He and a group of investors recently acquired an internet marketing company that will bring in a fair amount of "passive income" (since when are we old enough to use terms like "passive income?" Gross), and will free him up to pursue his film projects without fear of bouncing the rent checks. We have also learned that his latest film production, Tehilim (Psalms), will be premiering at Cannes as an official selection In Competition. This is a big deal. It will be up against movies by Gus Van Sant, Michael Moore, and the Coen brothers. This greatly increases our chances of finding US distribution, as well as funding for future projects.

Oh--and he finally started writing his screenplay. Which, when I type it, sounds gross and phony and Hollywood-esque, but I assure you is the real deal: super interesting and thought-provoking. It seems his writer's block has finally lifted. Yahoo!

And since springtime is of course synonymous with change, Miss J and I will soon be relocating permanently down to 60 Leroy. We will miss our girl's nights of slasher films and white zinfandel up at studio 1211, but the downtown apt is much better appointed for my working, anyway. Oh--and it comes with that cute roommate-boy, too.

My mother is feeling much better since her health scare a few months ago; alas, we can't seem to convince her that smoking + previous pulmonary embolism = bad, bad news. My brother caught her sneaking a cig early one morning last week and FLIPPED. Which is, I suppose, one of the good things about him still living at home....For Mothers' Day I'm going to buy her a Costco-sized box of chewing gum.

And speaking of my looks as though the two of us have indeed sold our graphic novel hybrid project, currently titled I'M WITH THE TRIBE. My fantabulous agent is working out the deats so I shall refrain from any officialities, but stay tuned.

In the meantime, CRUSH DU JOUR is finally put to bed, my newest proposal is making the rounds among my brutally honest, but completely irreplaceable first readers, and I'm winding down on the Penguin project that I've been working on with Noah. It's a rare few weeks of peace and quiet before I have to dive into TRIBE. But that project has been percolating for so long, and is so personal to me, that I'm truly looking forward to getting started.

This week is Birthday Week for Noah and myself; April 26th and the 29th, respectively. Due to our abundance of parental-types, there will be festive dinners galore, culminating in a fiesta (complete with pinatas and door prizes) at 60 Leroy on Friday the 27th. In the NYC area? You should stop by.

Vermont College has posted its final faculty roster for the summer residency, and my classmates and I are all abuzz. I must say, I'm eager to get back. My phone check-in with adviser Kathi Appelt was inspiring and invigorating. She is the rockingest.

It's prom season, as well, and the New York Teen Author Prom actually made Gawker's hit list last week. If you missed their coverage, check it out. YES, we are all victims of arrested development. But if immaturity and adolescent angst are wrong, I don't want to be right.

The beautiful weather has made me feel guilty about not-running. So I'm thinking of taking up running again. Of course, I'm thinking about it from the sunny, sunny patio, with a cocktail in hand, but yes--the thought is there. I'm excited for cotton sundresses--all of the the comfort of loungewear, but the appearance of having gotten dressed in the morning. Perfection.

Apologies for the massive babble; as I say, I've just emerged from Deadlineland and my eyes are still adjusting to the sunlight.

Happy, lazy Sundays to us all....

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Aimee Friedman said...

What a great post--chock full of juicy updates. :) Congrats on all the exciting news!