Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mad Mudder Fluxers

I'm thrilled to report that as of 3:11pm this afternoon, our deal on I'M WITH THE TRIBE is officially closed! It's a graphic novel hybrid to be co-written with brother Dave, about three yeshiva boys who start a garage band. Punk rock is so kosher. We are going to be publishing with edgy, indie, alt-y (or as some might say, INTERSTITIAL) Flux/Llewelyn, with a tentative release date of fall 2008.

They are super cool. And also the publishing home of fellow Vermontster Miss Carrie Jones. Who is also super cool. (Coolness abounds! Except outside today, where it's actually sunny and hot).

Web site: www.fluxnow.com
Blog: fluxnow.blogspot.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/fluxnow


Oh, and please disregard the weirdness of the attached illustration. It's totally unofficial and just for fun and the color got all weird and I don't know how to edit a jpeg and etc. :)


Aimee Friedman said...

This looks so cool!

Jennifer Echols said...

This project sounds so awesome! I wish I could do something like this with my brother, but knowing him, no matter how I tried to fix it, it would end up reading like a Monty Python skit.