Thursday, April 05, 2007

Snow Day!

There is a high school senior in my home who is very happy today (despite the fact that it is his '89 Volvo buried under the foot of snow). Yes, it is April here. But today we get to stay home and play one more time before the chance of snow days disappear. Best of all, for my senior, he will not have to make up the snow day at the end of the year -- he's graduating!

I have also realized that this may be my last 'official' snow day. As a writer who works from home, snow days are just days when I absolutely cannot escape to the grocery store for a few moments of distraction. The real magic comes from a day when the kids wake up to find out they don't have to go to school and they are free (well, after the shoveling and snowblowing...and this year, trekking to the local pizza place on foot to bring back two large pepperoni, extra crispy). The joy lies over the house in the same way as the fluffy blanket of snow.

Ah well. I'm going to relish it while I can.

Those of you with flowers and budding trees -- enjoy! But I don't envy you. I'll get my flowers by late May. There's something about a surprise April snow day that cannot be explained to those who have never experienced it.


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Jennifer Echols said...

This brings back memories. Not the snow but the car. I recognize that tell-tale boxy Turbo Volvo Station Wagon-shaped mound of snow! My dad had an '83, which my brother got when he turned 16. It was known around school as "The Turbo Wagon."