Saturday, April 07, 2007

Roman Holiday!

I'm back from a FAB trip to Rome, Italy. Spent $$ buying purses (because naturally, that's why EVERYONE goes to Italy!) Ate a ton of gelato, went through the Borghese Gallery (for the second time in two years, because it ROCKS), watched the Rome Marathon from inside the Colosseum, went out along the Appian Way to check out the ancient Christian catacombs, and listened to happy Irishmen singing at a bar while watching their rugby team play Italy.

The cool thing about travel for me is that, in addition to learning about how others live, you see things you don't expect, like singing Irishmen in Rome. Or, for instance:

(Hint: If you click on it, you'll get to see the enlarged, full-on view, including pig detail!)

This is a panini (sandwich) stand located just outside the ancient walls of Rome, near the Appian Way. It had great looking sandwiches in the case, as well as freshly-cooked "humburgers", fries, and soda. What the chick on top is doing...well, I'm sure it's great for sales. As was the music blaring from two monster speakers located right over where you have to stand to place your order and pay. See what I mean, though? Unexpected.

In a few weeks, I'm heading to London, and I'll be keeping my eyes open for more of the unexpected. In the meantime--what surprising things have YOU encountered on a trip? An odd event? A store that wasn't what you imagined, judging from the outside? A tour guide with a strange habit?

The unexpected is the stuff of good stories!

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Jennifer Echols said...

I have always been fascinated with traveling out West. I've lived all my life in the South. I knew what the West should look like from movies, but I didn't realize HOW wide-open it is, and HOW strange it was not to have trees crowding all around me.

Driving toward the Great Sand Dunes, I figured that as soon as I could see it, I'd pretty much be there. Wrong! I could see it and I was still three hours away!

Then, looking down from a canyon, waaaaaaaay off in the distance, I saw a train. A WHOLE train, engine to end! I'd never really thought about the fact that in the South, you see only about three cars at a time before they disappear into the forest or around the bend.

It's the little things like that which change your perspective and make travel so worthwhile.